Woman Allegedly Shoots Homeless Man For Asking Her To Move Porsche

Then she went about her day. Ana Kasparian and Brett Erlich, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. http://www.tytnetwork.com/join

"A 26-year-old woman was charged with attempted murder for allegedly shooting a homeless man twice after he asked her to move her Porsche SUV, the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department said Monday.

Katie Quackenbush, who describes herself as a honky-tonk rock 'n' roll singer from Texas, was in her car with a female passenger when she got into a confrontation with Gerald Melton near Music Row in Nashville on Aug. 26.

As Melton began walking back to where he was trying to sleep, Quackenbush retrieved a handgun from inside her car, the complaint said. During another argument between the two, she raised her gun and fired two shots at Melton, police said. She then got back into her car and fled the scene with the female passenger.”*

Read more here: https://www.buzzfeed.com/tasneemnashrulla/texas-singer-charged-with-attempted-murder-homeless-man?utm_term=.xs734Dg8L#.oavO3JL9q

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich


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  • marzinjedi

    Attempted murder 1st degree because she retrieved a weapon then went back and shot him

  • Calvin Ackermann

    The guy has no home. No money, no food, and no water, now he's also been shot by this bitching as swipe and I'm getti NG flak for saying this, whoever disagrees and sympathizes with the girl can go impale their eyes on the spike of someone's flagpole or just hang themselves on a meathook.

  • Dusk Hollow

    You know what the poster says: every homeless man has unimaginable advantages over any rich woman.

  • Compa Bajador

    Since when shooting someone with your eyes closed is called warning shots??!!!?? Like his father was going to say she shot the homeless guy on purpose. SMH

  • Tehut Raka

    There's no such a thing as a warning shot, there is such a charge called reckless endangerment; warning shot within city limit discharging a firearm. No doubt because the man was homeless probably black man who in the eyes of the law has no human value at least not equal value to any white person or non black person in america. The concern for mental health shouldn't be of concern for the one who was shot rather for the one who did the shooting, what's her mental status how can she with a history like that be determined to be fit to carry a concealed weapon (gun)? Oh yeah that's right making america great again means white privilege outweighs every other consideration.

  • JahPoetix

    Shoot first....eat breakfast later

  • Ralph Bernhard

    Next "American hero"...

  • Attila Dobos

    A rich young woman vs a homeless man. There's no way she ends up in jail.

  • callen Ghahramani

    "Aug." ........ October

  • Steven C

    In The movie "Anne frank: the whole story" 2001. Anne had to write an essay for school. She wrote about a duck named Mrs Quackenbush.

  • IARRCSim

    She has an unfortunate case of affluenza.

  • Henry Townshed

    Maybe we should stop taking in millions and millions of illegal Mexicans and take care of the sick homeless

  • John W

    This society does NOT arm "ANYONE and EVERYONE", FFS! How do you so casually insult our intelligence?!

  • chapachuu

    Sounds like a spoiled little shit to me. Daddy will literally let her get away with murder. No accountability for rich people.

  • Thomas Baron

    So now we have white trash rednecks shooting homeless people...

  • human man

    When you have so much money without faith control, you will be an arrogant and end up like this woman

  • Charla Lee

    Sounds like a have trying to take out a have not.

  • thedarkchild86


  • Danger Mouse

    If u discharge a gun u are legally obligated to call the police right after.

  • star

    Quackenbush nuff said smh

  • shaney G

    From Texas of course, jail her stupid country bumpkin ass!!

  • hilmy83

    if your last name is quackenbush..i think that's punishment enough no?

  • Black Wallstreet

    typical white people .. white trailer trash with money... Her father is a lawyer for white anglo and white latino heroin dealing thugs.. The white community is full of degenerates.

  • CurlyYasie

    I feel so sorry for the homeless 😢

  • billj696

    You lefties weren't at all bothered by Bill Clinton's serial abuse of women. Why would I expect you to come to the defense of a lady jumped by a mad man sleeping on a dark street at 3 AM. Worse yet, she used a legal firearm to protect herself from the predator.

  • BuffaloSpirit

    Nothing will happen to this woman; the homeless Man will have to find a different side-walk to sleep on.

  • Jef Damen

    Allegedly? U makin shit up again?

  • Kevin Loving

    Sheesh Anna how about paying attention

  • Kekkai

    It's getting harder to listen to the many "you know" verbal tics from Anna. Please work with a speech pathologist and overcome it.

  • Matt D

    Privileged white female will get off. Damn Matriarch.

  • LOON

    as an aside "Quackenbush" is an unfortunate last name. like. honestly? lmao.

  • Robert Paulson

    She should've shot herself... after making her music. Hahaha it's terrible.

  • Kyle Waller

    Warning shot, unimpeded drive away, sounds like a drive by. I call shenanigans. She knew she shot him and just didn't care. I mean look at her record.

  • deeznutzsuper8

    Daddy gonna take her Porsche away.

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