Woman Allegedly Shoots Homeless Man For Asking Her To Move Porsche

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"A 26-year-old woman was charged with attempted murder for allegedly shooting a homeless man twice after he asked her to move her Porsche SUV, the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department said Monday.

Katie Quackenbush, who describes herself as a honky-tonk rock 'n' roll singer from Texas, was in her car with a female passenger when she got into a confrontation with Gerald Melton near Music Row in Nashville on Aug. 26.

As Melton began walking back to where he was trying to sleep, Quackenbush retrieved a handgun from inside her car, the complaint said. During another argument between the two, she raised her gun and fired two shots at Melton, police said. She then got back into her car and fled the scene with the female passenger.”*

Read more here: https://www.buzzfeed.com/tasneemnashrulla/texas-singer-charged-with-attempted-murder-homeless-man?utm_term=.xs734Dg8L#.oavO3JL9q

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich


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  • Jennifer T.

    Her story might be more credible if she didn't herself have a history of committing assaults on other people.


    He knew he shot dude & just bKecuase he white and A judge he gone get off just like white pKolice shooting and killing bKlacc pKeopKle 😠

  • ShutupTracker

    Extra!  Extra!  Fake news!  Read all about it!  This never really happened!  Cenk wrote this piece minutes before they went to air!  Notice how most of their stories lack names!  Extra!  Extra!  The facts never fully appear in the reports they receive!

  • Aes Sedai

    Her record is damning. I'm inclined to believe the homeless guy. Her facial expression in the mugshot isn't helping her either.

  • San Jean

    Oooohh, a case of Affluenza? What's up next... the sky is blue? Not a huge surprise. Rich little white girl getting away with being "mean". I think she can afford mental health counseling or her Daddy can. The problem is that some crazy ppl don't know that there crazy.

  • Costeno Salao

    You guys are really mature for making fun of her name. Let me try-- Rottenbush. Frackmybush. Spankmygash. Okay, you're right--it's kinda fun.

  • Fredo Gee

    she looks like one of Ana's friend

  • Robert Martyr

    Shooting Street Scum Bags, should be LEGAL!!!!

  • Av8 2u

    Meth. Meth. Meth.

  • David Sims

    I don't believe that the shooter's father is telling the truth. He has, I think, concocted a conveniently exculpatory fable on behalf of his daughter. What really happened, in my opinion, is that a homeless man presumed too far with someone of a higher social station than his own, and he was killed for his impertinence. Were "warning shots" really fired? Did Melton really exhibit the blinding stupidity of continuing to approach in the face of bullets being fired in his general direction? I don't find that theory the least bit plausible. And so, until evidence is shown me to the contrary, I will hope that this young woman spends the rest of her life in prison. That being said, I acknowledge the unlikely nature of my wish. The United States is a country in which social status usually overcomes justice.

  • un mog

    I think the real issue here isnt mental health, though yea thats a thing people need. I think the real issue is how people with privilege dont have any empathy for others. Seems to me a very similar case to some rich kid running over people in the streets with a fancy car, just that this one had a gun.

  • Student Loans Are Cool

    Just more proof that nut jobs Are more scary than guns, a crazy person with a pencil is scary , a crazy person with a gun, and a Porsche....run away!

  • Moonbeam Mama

    She violated the most important rule for gun owners. You never pull a gun unless you intend/are prepared to use it. So her "warning shot" argument is complete bullshit. Kinda sounds as tho the rest of her story is, as well.

  • esaesa07

    2 priors from texas and I bet nothing will happen to her this time either, and you all keep trying tell us that white privilege doesn't exist.

  • Richard Wrynn

    The shooters ex boyfriend said he wasn't surprised at all by the incident calling it "completely in her character". He described her as "psycho, with a superiority complex over being rich", she has a 2.5 million dollar trust fund, but to access the money she's required to not be charged with an felonies (so that money might be on hold for a while). She might be forced to raise her 800 dollar an hour fee that she charges for her "escort", and "stripper" services. Presley Scott Quackenbush has definitely achieved "outlaw" status and is now an infamous name in the Music City.

  • Joshua Sullivan

    Well her name is Quackenbush..

  • Han Solo

    Is the Porsche okay?

  • JessieBanana

    I just hope his, most likely, mental health issues don't get exploited. A lot of folks who act out aggressive behaviors to the air, don't actually harm people. I think it says a lot that he's never been charged with anything. That isn't the case for most people living on the streets.

  • MrCoughupalung

    Your typical white supremacist in the US!!

  • One Friendly Kokujin

    Explosion in the homeless population... but the Obama economy is great right?

  • Sumbi Humbane

    He needs mental health care, can't affirm it, and remains untreated.She also needs mental health care, can afford it but remains untreated. Where do go from here?...

  • Maria

    'Quackenbush'...& her father was her lawyer?!+drove away to have breakfast?!Damn,even if the homeless man was aggressive you don't have a right to try to KILL him!!!I predict that she'll eventually commit greater damage someday which would have been prevented if she's punished more severely!The bigger problem in this is the lack of help for homeless people in america as well as access to healthcare.

  • Fernando Pulido

    I'm sure she'll get away with it, maybe a simple slap on the wrist, tops. We've seen this story before.

  • Adam Palmer

    New girlfriend smack

  • MaoTseFunkadelic

    She should be sentenced to sleeping on a porch with newspapers for the rest of her life.

  • thezackseven

    Typical Texan, bang bang, who's there?

  • rollingcan

    Guilty, you were afraid for you life and shot multiple times at someone and didn't call the police instead go have breakfast. Yes that make a lot sense.

  • My Space

    Hope she gets to do the Jail House Rock; some highly strung women in there, would love to twist her around.

  • Devin Lupei

    If a surgeon isn't allowed to operate on a family member then a family member shouldn't be your lawyer.

  • John Handcock

    Must be the patriarchy at work!

  • dave rogers

    white women is our countries biggest problem

  • StevenC32

    The rich are treated differently than the poor. I doubt she will do any time for shooting a poor man.

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