Gatekeeper POV Cedar Point

Take a front row ride on Gatekeeper at Cedar Point. We Filmed this HD POV June, 2014 at Cedar Point, Ohio with a Sony Camera. Thanks for watching.

GateKeeper is a steel roller coaster located at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, United States. Designed by Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M), it is the fifth Wing Coaster model in the world. The ride opened on May 11, 2013, on the most successful opening weekend in the park's history. GateKeeper has the highest inversion in the world, with its 164-foot (50 m) Wing Over drop. It has broken several Wing Coaster records, including those for height, speed, track length, drop height and the number of inversions. The coaster has a 170 ft (52 m), 40 degree inclined lift hill with a 164 ft (50 m) drop, and features two keyhole towers that the trains travel through. It has a top speed of about 67 mph (108 km/h).

Construction began in September 2012 and took about eight months to complete. A new entrance plaza for the park was built, with the keyhole towers as the centerpiece. GateKeeper replaced Disaster Transport and Space Spiral, which were demolished during the summer of 2012, bringing Cedar Point back to 16 roller coasters. It was the first new roller coaster at Cedar Point since Maverick debuted in 2007, and the third B&M coaster in the park following Raptor (1994) and Mantis (1996). GateKeeper was the most popular roller coaster in terms of riders at Cedar Point in 2013 and ranked 28th in the Golden Ticket Awards Top Steel Roller Coaster poll.
  • Nelson Torres

    when I rode gatekeeper for the first time on the first drop I was like oh hi parking lot

  • Kitsune Miku 9ine

    I'm going to cedar point on may 19th for band day and I have a fear of hights any last minute things to say to me 😫

  • Carrie Bearshak

    that was cool but a little scary but I love that ride

  • Princee Erick

    Cedar Point The Enemy Of Magic Mountain,Its All About Magic Mountain 👌🏻👌🏻Thrill Capital Of The World❤️❤️

  • Annie_S

    my very favorite roller coaster!!! i am going to cedar point to tomorrow!

  • Mike Starkey

    which one is better gatekeeper or thunderbird at holiday world

  • Hey It's Katie

    Going to cedar point in 2 days getting pumped

  • Ivory Spears

    This is in Toledo right

  • TomBoy Alexandera

    so you wait in line for 1-2 hours for a 4 min ride.....

  • Jaylee Miller

    This was my 1st roller coaster ride I rode

  • Riley the potatoeee

    Going and Riding this TOMORROW!!! WOOHOO😮❤

  • Gary Laskowski

    Great ride but too smooth in my opinion I love the gut out the mouth feeling and this ride failed to deliver. cant wait for RMC MEAN STREAK.

  • Karen B

    Do it to it larsssss

  • Cayleigh Turner

    When I went to cedar point the first thin I rode was te katekeeper

  • fundhund62

    This looks like my kind of ride.. ;)

  • Tali Whiskers

    i was nine years old when i rode this for the first time and i rode it twice

  • irrelevantly mischievous

    this was my 2nd favorite ride tbh

  • Emily Wilde

    I wish I wasn't terrified of roller coasters. This looks so fun. ):

  • Aundrea Miller -Topic

    Not gonna lie but that's looks lame

  • Sarah Bear

    I went on this my favorite roller coaster

  • Denise Richardson


  • samuel tarrifa delfin

    this is a hack of swarn at thrope park

  • Alisia Black

    i road on that at ceater point

  • J Stuff70

    The action starts at 1:46

  • Lauleen Kaur

    I've been on the gatekeeper and it feels like nothing but I really recommend people to ride it, it's really fun!!!!

  • MoTheWalkingTalkingPotato Studios

    My sisters favorite ride at the park

  • John Cantatore

    I don't understand the hate I think Gatekeeper is a fantastic BandM wing rider

  • Bioncia Baker

    In the front, nothing. In the back, gut crushing 😂.

  • Samuel Farkas

    You're not allowed to take pictures or record videos on rides. I read the park map and it says if you do, you can get kicked out without any refunds

  • Lily Darling

    I can't wait to ride this next Monday!

  • PandaPawz

    My ears in a Nutcrack

  • Natalie Moricle

    which one is the best gate keeper or storm runner from Hersheypark

  • Brian Wenner

    Just rode this coaster for the first time yesterday and loved it. Actually liked it more than the new Valravn. This is probably the 3rd best ride at Cedar Point behind Millenium Force and Top Thrill Dragster. Awesome stuff....

  • Sarah Alred

    ok tbh when i went here this wasnt that good. the restraints were pushed back so tight i couldn't even feel any of the drops and it left red marks on my collar bones

  • GameStriker 71

    I sat in that very same seat!

  • Krack Korn

    how good are Wing coasters? I've never ridden one before but I have ridden a 4D coaster but that's it.

  • Lee Claxton

    is this better than Raptor at Gardaland?

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