Mysterious white flags fly over Brooklyn Bridge

Poppy Harlow reports on the mysterious white flags that were found over the Brooklyn Bridge in place of American flags.
  • MetalHeart8787

    Geez that Funny & beyond FUCKED UP 2 months ago NYPD bragged about Busting some prostitutes & Guys Wow Glad those Guys didn't get a Blow job, BANG!! hey what was that? Oh just the Brooklyn Bridge collapsingbecause of a TERRORIST ATTACK.  WAKE THE FUCK UP NYPD!!  Never mind Sluts on the street!Prostitutes are just Blowing Guys,  NOT Blowing shit up!

  • Tom DeVito

    I'm amazed at how someone pulled this off


    they now whats going on !!!! liars like always !!!!!

  • Joe Hanlon

    Next is the Muslim Brotherhood flag.

  • Ricky Bobby

    The United States is so concerned about what the rest of the world is doing, it doesn't even know what's going on right in front of its own backyard.

  • Matthias Beubler    einer der guten aus meiner Heimatstadt Mühlhausen in Thüringen ...

  • Julie W

    When Mohammed accompanied his mohammedans on attacks on other tribes, they carried black flags.  White ones were carried when they attacked on his behalf without him there.  The words written on them now only came later.

  • gen mann

    Did anyone else notice these flags are actually American flags? They were probably spray painted white, but you can still faintly see the US flag underneath. I bet these were the actual flags that are usually up there but were taken down and sprayed. 

  • pa ma

    meanwhile.. we are being invaded in the southwest by Mexico. ha ha ha. no big deal, right????

  • 9/11 Nuclear Demolition

    Haha! That is the same bridge the Israeli Mossad agents were arrested on the morning of 9/11. I'm sure a 'coincidence' to all you dumb Americans that think everything is a coincidence. Look around you. You are becoming poorer by the minute and cheering on your oppressors, but hey...your oppressors are wearing cool clothing and drive a nice car. Can't diss that :)

  • Lana Salt

    They are faded flags, you morons

  • National Elec

    FADED AMERICAN FLAG FLYING OVER THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE:This is a sign to all Americans that America as we know it is “FADING AWAY” and we need to pay attention to what’s happening in our Government. The American people need to use their freedom of speech and their right to vote and let their voices be heard to save America.

  • Whitney Mamaradlo

    It was the Germans. Here's a news article in Time.

  • Charlotte Friedman

    Since Obama is worried about New York....Maybe the white flags are a sign from some terrorist group.I wonder why no cameras on the bridge????

  • tnfm

    The USA surrendered. You guys are fucked now!!

  • Bizzaro Jake

    Apparrntly none of you heard the interview on npr with the guys who did that, the were professional rock climbers proving a point

  • TroopperFoFo

    France why did you put a your flag on the bridge?

  • W.J.E. Givens

    White flag ....Truce and discuss terms for surrender....the most powerful forces in the universe are those that you cannot see.Wake up people...the artists from Berlin are liars trying to gain a little fame. 

  • derek1230066

    If this was supposed to be a joke then it went way to far, there are simply some jokes you do not make and this is one of them. Replacing the American flag or any nation's flag with a white flag where said nation's flag is supposed to be is highly disrespectful. Who ever did this needs to be punished heavily

  • SPY

    Sign of a major false flag in NYC. I laugh so hard, the Government has no clue who did this, but yet they can watch everyone in America through a surveillance cameras satellite, etc. This is a big joking.

  • eric pieper

    Simple. Political statement that USA is surrendering! You at CNN should be happy.

  • pa ma

    I think the heat burned off the colors. :(

  • PHXie

    Security of the bridge is the big concern?!? Idiot puppets repeating the bullshit they are told to say. Security of the bridge is NOT the issue. The planned destruction of the USA is the obvious issue. I salute whoever put the white flags up. They speak for every aware American.

  • mohammed indi

    this is what happend when you let muslim in it will just grow they have no limmits those thirsty blooded

  • gr8gmblr

    Everyone run for the hills and poop your pants! Be afraid, terrorists are everywhere!

  • canadianuserthe

    I'd move well away from big cities and both coasts.

  • Too'`'\_,

    the American flag was beautiful

  • highflyingbull

    LAST CHANCE 11/10/09................8,@7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2,1,0

  • Kate Kate

     "Islam waves two flags. One is white and one is black. Written across both flags in Arabic are the words, "There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his Messenger". The white flag is called Al-Liwaa and serves as the sign for the leader of the Muslim army and is the flag of the Islamic state."  From book The Islamic Antichrist, by Joel Richardson. The fact that there are no words on the flag means nothing. The Muslims are saying that the United States has been claimed for Allah.

  • Jenny McCorquodale

    We allowed these extremest to move to our country and this is the result. Enough with being humanitarian. Well kill ourselves with kindness.

  • Chris Shneyer

    The white flag symbolizes surrender, and a ceasefire during a war... Some people probably tried to spread a message to stop the war between Israel and Gaza...


    erecting a white flag means surrender yes...BUT.   replacing a flag with a white or any color is still shows defiance....and unfortunately...will most likely be seen as a hostile action....especially  in america ,when altering the nations flag... another reason for pigs to "feel threatened " in the u.s.....which = more wrongful shootings....

  • novemberain


  • Mrromeo73

    Let the PURGE begin I'm tired of Waiting!

  • Luis Torres

    "Uh, when did they start flying?"...................................................................................

  • gr8gmblr

    False flag event. Haha ha!

  • 109Siege

    I think the flags aren't meant to be interpreted logically.  It was more to create a gut reaction of "AMERICA SURRENDERS?!  OBAMA SURRENDERS TO TERRORISTS?!?!  NO!!  AMERICA DOESN'T SURRENDER!!!  KILL THE TERRORISTS AND KILL OBAMA BIN LADEN!!!"  Which of course completely underestimates the intelligence of the average person.  I've started to think recently that they're gearing up to "expose" Obama as an evil muslim trying to bring down America.  That he wants to help Al Qaida conquer America with TERRORISM and create an ANTI-authoritarian police state.  It doesn't make sense and it doesn't have to.  If they're going to use that line it would be a catastrophically stupid mistake because it veers far too close to the truth.  But that's what Fox and (worse) OAN seem to be saying already, and that's what Obama seems to be intentionally playing into by appearing weak.

  • emilia linh

    guys should take care while in NY.

  • Michel Hurtado

    If you look closely at the flags, they have stars and stripes on them.  They are white American flags.

  • Bango Basbaas


  • yaryar1976

    A Peace Flag,whats so mysterious about peace?....nvm

  • alan cortez

    Ignorance is bliss..Do any of you people even know what a white flag represents....It means "i surrender" or "peace"

  • saburu sakai

    It is obvious what this is. It's a protest against the surrender, appeasement, and disarmament policies of our leftist anti military president and his party. It's to bring attention to the chronic case of Jimmy Carter-itis and Neville Chamberlain syndrome that plagues the Democrats (dumbfounded college grads should google chamberlain). Is Probably former military cmbt vets, while some gutsy NYPD cops took a bathroom break or looked the other way. Most cops are not leftist pacifists, and many are vets. This took GUTs that liberals just don't have.I admire the American heroes who put this up in defiance of the treasonous leadership in Washington. I can't figure why so few people see this. The guys that did it are gonna have to put up a sign or something to tell people, they must be shaking their heads in disbelief. I mean duh. SALUTE to these gutsy guys, whoever they are. A much more appropriate symbol of our national distress under these Democrats than just inverting the flag like I've been doing, and like I did during the similar Clinton and Carter admin. .

  • Swag Mooo

    Osama you little rascal

  • Krista Antonini Martin

    That's high treason, it's the crime of betraying ones' country especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.

  • Matt B

    If terrorist want a prank war, they got! Who is down for stealing North Koreas mascot?

  • Bill Emerson

    Wikipedia "White Flag" and read, pretty obvious why it was put there. Has nothing to do with Peace or Surrender.

  • ghytgb

    The media needs to keep the fake threats coming to keep us all so scared! We're at level orange today oh nooooooo! Let me put my helmet on!

  • Too'`'\_,

    pause how many seconds.

  • Karmelo Anferknee

    yall need better things to do then create flag conspiracies

  • Emanuel Garcia

    Cash Cash - Surrender 

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