Ben Affleck Angrily Defends Islam Against Bill Maher/Sam Harris

"Ben Affleck was quick to call out what he felt was Bill Maher's "gross, racist, disgusting," ideas about Islam during a heated debate.

The "Gone Girl" star appeared on "Real Time with Bill Maher" Friday and things got heavy when the late night talk show host continued his conversation about Islam, which he started the week before.

"You and I have been trying to make the case that liberals need to stand up for liberal principles," Maher said to fellow panelist, author Sam Harris."* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

*Read more here from Zayda Rivera / NY Daily News


Ben Affleck vs. Bill Maher, Religion in America, Korasan & Gay Marriage SCOTUS Ruling - The Young Turks 10/6/2014 News & Politics


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  • harris ahad

    White monkey bastards

  • Max

    Ew, it's the bacon grease chugging Armenian Genocide denier.

  • yosman ramirez

    Shut up ben you're an ass

  • Pinky Khan

    The Ex muslim i really feel sory for u reallly..u r unlucky 1

  • the dude

    ben affleck is a slave owner

  • Skip Bellon

    No matter which side is correct is about the actual percentage of the violent religious fringe, I would ask why any percentage is necessary? Do away with religion and that whole motivation goes away. Whatever level of violence exists in the world today, it either exists because of, or in spite of, religion's guidance . When I look out to nature and witness the levels of violence that are necessary to keep enforce the perpetual motion of nature's one true law, survival of the fittest... I see no noticeable difference. With no common law, or religious priority, insects and animals alike, experience the roughly the same percentage of death and violence. The factors that do effect the violence of existence are simply related to one's position on the food chain. Freedom from worry and the likelihood to die uneaten increase as you near the top of the chain. Although, when taken to the molecular level, no one truly dies uneaten. In that sense, the religions that believe in reincarnation may be on to something, as every bit of us eventually regenerates into something new. That is really the true miracle. That life springs up where there was none before. If it truly does take a powerful being to accomplish that, then that seems to be his only power. Well... that and creating chaos in what could otherwise be minds capable of calm.

  • andola jackson

    when a man like ben affleck has more moral fortitude than 2 apparent "leaders of public opinion" enough said about "things".

  • radar 211

    Society has a list of rules that we live by, unless you're religious, if you're religious, you can do what you want.

  • Asil Nike

    Dare you to go into a Muslim territory and tell them you're an EX MUSLIM... 😂 Yeah I'd really love to see that!!


    People treat "polls" like its part of the bible . Numbers cant define a people .

  • WoLF Pwr

    Its not the fact of how many % of muslims believe that they should be killed , it's the fact that the religion dictates to kill and they still follow it ...

  • movenglish

    Cenk Uygur said allah is an idol in Mecca but is secretly defending islam! That makes him a SECRET muslim who pulls with his hands but pushes back with his feet! Believe NO muslims, watch NO muslims' programs, coz TAQIYYA (LIE to non believers of islam) is in their creed, in their blood, and in their islamic commandments. -- By the way, you Turks must pay for the BLOODS of the innocent ARMENIANS you shed, before you make any programs, you bstrds. Fool YOURSELVES, not others, you erdogan butt kissers!!!

  • Usain Jones

    THis Racist in TYT needs to be straighten out. He hates Whites. He never shows black racism. Never mentions how Dem party was the party of the KKK up until the 90's . This racist a punk who needs his ass kicked

  • Kevin Mc Neilly

    Ben you shame Boston, stay out of fenway park and do another blockbuster with Jlo

  • Ethel Anderson

    Islam is a religion not a race. Ben Affleck is an ass.

  • NordAngelX

    Danger-Warning!! We all need to repent and call on Jesus Christ to save us! Judgement Day nears, if ones name is not found written in the Lamb's(Jesus Christ’s) Book of Life, that soul is cast into the Lake of Fire for All of Eternity! Accept His sacrifice of dying on the cross for you and seek Him, hurry! Glory to the Trinity forever! Danger-Warning!!

  • Filip Cristian

    Islam does not have a Pope? LOL.. The Caliph is the Pope in Islam. Luckily it was dismantled in World War I (The Ottoman Empire)

  • noga 1

    he's taking ben's side because he's an ex muslim

  • علم النفس والاجتماع

    wait a second who started world war I who started world war ii who bombed Hiroshima and killed hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians with a nuclear who had over 1million innocents killed in Iraq who claimed America oh by invading the red indians and killing them them ?! who was that hmmm I wonder please stfu and don't try to act peaceful if you want to talk about terrorists look at the mirror you blind idiots.... US is the country that started more wars than the entire world combined..

  • halfentity

    America does not go to war for religious reasons. It's mostly economical so there is no racism and xenophobia involved. It's just as bad that they kill for $$ but it does not belong in this discussion. Muslims do it all in the name of Allah.

  • Mug Numps

    Ex-muslum ? Feed this bastard some bacon.

  • Jane Smith

    LOL... If you add up all the percentages in the chart that Cenk shows, and divide by the number of countries then it averages out to around 25%

  • North American YouTuber

    Ben Affleck is a complete, and utter fool.

  • Laurette Gomez

    When you become extremely defensive you know there is a huge problem!

  • jose elias sanchez

    your analogy of the USA going into Iraq and how it could be seen as "a Christian nation" going into war is just wrong... Altho USA has a Christian majority, we don't go to war on the name of a matter of fact the reason we go to was a compleetttllyyyy agaisn't jesus teachings

  • CalvinPowerz

    Islam is not a race tho lolololol fck the young Turks are ridiculous

  • Gustav Muller

    You reach so many and mislead themIm sorry to say that this is the type of ideas that prevent human kind from moving forward in it’s thinking. You tried to compare christianity and the view on the worlds end to be similar to of things that happen in the middle east and state that Islam also believe in the worlds end. So to summarize your argument would be both religions are like a glass of milk, half full but the islam faith just adds a little more milk in the sense of the troubles that come with its following and then point to the christian glass of milk saying it is fuller than the islam glass

  • M A

    Racism or not. No need to dwell of this word. Generalized hatred is still wrong. Sam Harris and Bill Maher both were being hateful and bigots.

  • Techmania marko stojanovic

    USA nation big manipulative sociopath

  • Stephen Saunders

    "And I've been in favour of some of those wars"'I'm a fan but really?

  • Saqer Al Nahyan

    More people talk against Islam more people get into it and convert. People are educated and read when fear someone

  • Filip Cristian

    The reason it does not count for Christians sir is because it is against the fundamental Christian teaching to do any war or any violence as Jesus commanded us that vengeance belongs to the Lord and to the Lord only. Those who do these things (war,bombings, killing in name of Jesus etc..)are not real Christians but fake Christians because what they do goes against the fundamental Christian Teachings. We are to do nothing but preach the gospel. Islam on the other hand plainly commands that infidels are to be invited to islam, upon refusal they have to be beheaded. And Muhammad said, If anyone discards his Islamic religion, Kill Him! In Islam it is reversed, if you are a peaceful muslim you are not a real muslim because it goes against the fundamental teachings of islam. You see.. why Christians object?

  • ch m

    ben afleck does not know what he's talking about....,Turkey has enthnic cleansed istanboul (constantinople) and asia minor (ionion part of turkey) of all the Indegenous Greeks that were there..., oh these Greeks were also the economic powerhouse of the srea uptill the greek genocide ( the early part of the 20th century.

  • EnterTheMindofREY

    Always sweating like he just did a triathlon...I don't even think he can ride a bike it must suck to be Cenk

  • Techno kalam

    truth is that america (gov) only hilights muslims as a terroiest belive me i live in pakistan birth born muslim when i am 18 i study then i accpet islam by heart by reading the book quran i born with piece but some poeple wont like iraq, afghan,ect... america (gov) belive me only born enemy for there childs . now see manmark (burma) whats heppen there what will we do allah do justice i pray

  • Suzanne Kavanagh

    Ben Affleck is a moron.

  • The Truth

    Is this a Turk or a Turd. Scared for his own life by his own admission for leaving Islam. Quoting statistics that are disturbing by his own admission. This whole segment just confirms and provides the proof for Bill Haher's argument. 90% or 60% and growing, what's the difference, its crazy and more than enough proof about being radical & enough to pose a serious threat to the freedoms and Liberties protected in the USA.

  • Jane Smith

    FGM is happening in America, Australia and other Western countries, Cenk, and they are all from Muslim communities. They aren't from those countries that you mentioned. It's in the Islamic textbooks, so it's not just cultural.

  • Rjs 96

    All they were saying was that as an ideology, Islam has massive flaws and it shouldn't be labelled as bigotry just for purely point them out. Why do people not understand this?

  • Ben Tritle

    This segment is a low point for Bill Maher's show, Ben Affleck's "career", and the great social debate as a whole. The fact that the honorable Dr. W Buffalo chose to feature this with his own extended commentary doesn't surprise me.

  • Lucy Splendid

    I understand that Ben Affleck didn't like the assumption that there is a Muslim world. He is right. The Islamic religions are as diverse as the Christian ones. The other problem was not addressing Islamophobia. The language was Baited and Ben took the bait. As an atheist I am embarrassed by all the pseudo social science. "a bunch of polls"

  • Christian maresch

    Any one who is defending a system were you kill people etc. just because you are not their religion most be a "Sociopath" , he/she enjoys to see people suffer!

  • Mug Numps

    This phig phuker says that Muslims are civilized, WRONG, he has been phuckin goats and little boys.

  • Michael Blake

    Go to Saudi Arabia , Iran , Sudan , Somalia , Mauritania , Pakistan , UAE , Afghanistan and say your gay and see how long it takes for them to stone you , behead you or throw off of a building

  • Mug Numps

    Is Ben going phuck goats in next movie ? What about how Muslims treat women ? Homos get tossed off roof tops. Maybe Ben needs to go to roof. Send Ben some bacon.

  • Darrell Wright

    If you think about it, our Political System is exactly like this. Unlike George W Bush (who I could never find a reason to support), I have discovered a respect for President Trump.After studying the 2016 Election carefully, I discovered Hillary Clinton or both Trump and Clinton Rigged the Election. But because I have stated that, I have received multiple death threats. It would be better to hit an on duty Police Officer in the mouth with an unloaded weapon.

  • Cindy Smith

    Cenk 99% of the time I totally disagree with your views however, I appreciated your commentary on this issue. Thank you

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