Ben Affleck Angrily Defends Islam Against Bill Maher/Sam Harris

"Ben Affleck was quick to call out what he felt was Bill Maher's "gross, racist, disgusting," ideas about Islam during a heated debate.

The "Gone Girl" star appeared on "Real Time with Bill Maher" Friday and things got heavy when the late night talk show host continued his conversation about Islam, which he started the week before.

"You and I have been trying to make the case that liberals need to stand up for liberal principles," Maher said to fellow panelist, author Sam Harris."* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

*Read more here from Zayda Rivera / NY Daily News


Ben Affleck vs. Bill Maher, Religion in America, Korasan & Gay Marriage SCOTUS Ruling - The Young Turks 10/6/2014 News & Politics


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  • Haykal Hakimi

    We don't behead anyone that's Isis they don't follow the path of Islam they miss the path


    Islam is the only true religion

  • esa khan

    The Version of Islam u r trying to show is the one which was made by USA and had used for Russia bcz USA didn't has nor will have the courage to face his war on his own was not Islam who dropped ABomb on Japan was not Islam who have killed thousands of innocents in drones was not Islam which have genocides Jews ..before talking about any book u have to read it then u have the right to criticise ...judging book by its cover is nothing but arrogance..ty

  • Baladitya Bahula

    Cenk is a certified idiot!

  • My Me

    And all the audience in that show are Zionists lol

  • The Truth

    Cenk uygur who the f..k are you,ex Muslim you are a discrace,I hope,you shouldn't have been a Muslim as first,you are a shame to your family

  • streglof

    strawmans and red herrings Cenk.

  • Viz4 J

    Wow. Batman vs Joker.

  • Ibrahim Ahmod

    How did people become racist to Muslim , I completely hate it .

  • azharibomber black

    never will the people of a city comeback to reclaim the city after it has been destroyed, until the gog and magog had been released. the city has already reclaimed. but they will not hasten the hour, cause the hour will not come unless they are unaware of it.

  • jar jordison

    I didn't saying that most of the comment section was wrong. I just believe that every person has their own point of view and beliefs. But, but, but, but.. there are numerous comments that's so ignorant, showing hatred and not speak by the fact. I mean c'mon let's just be fair. If you don't wanna get offended by other people or religion then do not offends anyone or any religion. Its never ending circle. If we ask some christian they would say muslim is wrong, and so is the other religions. Just don't disturb the peace

  • iLIASS Issmaili

    As an ex muslim .. sam is right .. Islam is the mother of bad ideas .. simple as that

  • Andika Arkan

    if iall muslims are radical, you're all dead if you goes to arab or my country (indonesia) oh wait, you don't? oh wait? many non muslims also there? yap, they're living in peace

  • Leopold S

    Actually yes. All of Muslims have these beliefs.There are tons of researches on this issue.

  • Your Majesty


  • Oğuzhan Kopuz

    The man does not defend Islam, he thinks that he should not be discriminatory, man.

  • Adrian Shaw

    This guy is an idiot. You dont make any sense at all. Ben Affleck is also an idiot.

  • Rizwan Hussain

    You should be ashamed off yourself saying that your an x muslim and u don't believe in islam! I was born a muslim and will die as a muslim ✌️

  • Night's Freak

    guess if 1billion people are terrorists then we are all dead hahaha

  • Mohsin Sayed

    Dumb and ignorant people talking about things they dont know.

  • iLIASS Issmaili

    Bullshit .. I live in an arab country .. the majority see atheists as criminals that should be killed

  • Karol Ryszawy

    Cenk... of coures you'll be the most troubled by the higher end of the pole, I'm sure nobody else would be that troubled ;) This guy is a sentimental bullshitter and a crybaby...his 24 min rant could be summed up in eleven words - "You should not generalize about muslims, because it hurts my feelings". He can't even quote Maher and Harris propperly. He takes some of their words and add bunch of his own to change the actuall meaning to better suit his purpose. I don't recommend watching this if you are a rational thinker.


    Im a muslim too and im sure im tierd of hetred... Hetred cost a lot of life.. out of war , out of ideology and many more

  • Brandon McDonough

    Tyt is full of morons.

  • Mohammad Goatbanger

    Anyone who defends islam is defending pedophiles and rapists. That's what islam was built on.

  • adytiya wahyu

    cenk uygur, i sincerely pray for you to get Hidaya from ALLAH. Amin

  • Juwad Ravenel

    Did this dude just say “Islam is irrational” 😑I’m not even gonna say nothing

  • Nebuchadnezzar II

    I dont really get the dislikes!? Everything he says is generally true and the video is by and large unbiased.

  • Good Fella

    Cenk is such a dishonest loser and the people that like him are worse

  • Shafi Sediqi

    Thats y he has agreat part in justice league 😊😊😊😊

  • Mel Betterton

    Hey BEN !!!!! A woman with mutilated genitals , i guess that would be like having sex with A dead body. If she can't enjoy it why bother ?????

  • Lisna Vivin

    I think Sam Harris and Maher should live in Indonesia for 10 years to understand what they said about Muslim. Both of them are fail to understand how peace Muslim are. They totally wrong whenthey said that Moslem is a mafia.

  • Hadi El Ali

    Thank you Cenk Uygur for putting a spotlight on Bill Maher and Sam Harris's outdated out of touch views regarding Muslims, Ben Affleck has shown himself to be a man with dignity to stand up for what's right, he proved to be the only person on that table with decency. There are ways to open a healthy educated debate, it never starts with plain insults, generalizing, prejudice and outdated views about Muslims, wake up and see reality for what it is, make an effort to listen to real everyday people who all have more similarities than differences, what's been happening in the mid least is crazy and those terrorists who claim to be Muslims have actually massacred more Muslims than any other people, (This is a FACT) and in itself is the biggest proof to anyone who's still in doubt, I tell you it's not the religion but a group of hateful idiots who were hungry to gain control over land and resources.

  • mohd ridzuan

    dont learn about islam from non muslim, want to know about islam ? learn from them that u know very well, that who live in a true islamic way. not the violence way that is often spread by the media

  • Rula Drise

    Compared to other 2 jews, Ben affleck has an Angelic face.


    Hetred display on most people who on rage doesnt matter from what race or religion they come from

  • Mümin Can Yılmaz

    i watched the program before this video and i was going crazy because i wanted to tell the correct things. And you guys really did a great job explaning and commenting on these subject. I personally thank you for that.

  • Joe mores

    By the graph shown it did look more prevalent per capita

  • Ahmed Al-Baidhani

    Well said by Ben Affleck and Cenk Uygur. Both Bill Maher and Sam Harris showed total ignorance...and I am really surprised of such ignorance from these persons who are considered as public figures by many people.

  • The Greatest You Ever Seen In Your Fucking Life.

    Islam is a politcal ideology of muhammod and talks violence towards non-believers aka infidels the quran speaks of killing the infidels when you see them and you should not be friends with any other religion. Islam is a religion of violence not peace.

  • YoadrianYolara

    this guy is like rachel madcow


    The way is be a muslim as u are... If kidnaping is culture leave culture and hold to muslim teaching as the way u are

  • Shane Thomas

    it sounds to me like bills side is speaking of all religions as being a bad idea and that they are specifically talking about Islam at this particular point. ...and I would agree with that. correct me if I'm wrong in my understanding of the conversation.

  • hadi kharsa

    People are sooooo ignorant . Why are these idiots famous. They probably don't like how people generalize that they are fat and never move just bcz they're americans, so why do they do that to religions that have a very high % of the population follow them.


    Ben just dont like the hatred display today in our life... It making civilize life tierd

  • Micheal Catunto

    Bigot and racist aren't the same thing.

  • 9Lives

    He said islam is the mother load, that is categorically not saying all moslems are bad. To mention a head rolling down the street is ridiculous, you are implying the drone strike was what? So surgical and the intention was to remove the head? Moslems intend to cut off the head, that absolutely is not the same as one being removed accidentally.As for Bill saying all of them hold those opinions, no he absolutely did not say that, taqiyya from an ex moslem.As for the poll of 20%, well plenty of polls have been done and 20% is the lowest figure I've ever seen. Two thirds of British moslems wouldn't inform the authorities about a planned terrorist attack, they would allow it to happen. This is a very well known statistic, the only problem with it is you can bet a lot when asked lied and said 'yeah of course I'd tell the police'.

  • Robert Payne

    Cenk. You are a terrible human being, who gets paid to spout someone else's opinion.


    A real way of muslim is to achieved peace on sight and not to waisting it when it posible to be achieve so we can concentrate on our muslim responsibility to Allah s.w.t

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