Ben Affleck Angrily Defends Islam Against Bill Maher/Sam Harris

"Ben Affleck was quick to call out what he felt was Bill Maher's "gross, racist, disgusting," ideas about Islam during a heated debate.

The "Gone Girl" star appeared on "Real Time with Bill Maher" Friday and things got heavy when the late night talk show host continued his conversation about Islam, which he started the week before.

"You and I have been trying to make the case that liberals need to stand up for liberal principles," Maher said to fellow panelist, author Sam Harris."* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

*Read more here from Zayda Rivera / NY Daily News


Ben Affleck vs. Bill Maher, Religion in America, Korasan & Gay Marriage SCOTUS Ruling - The Young Turks 10/6/2014 News & Politics


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  • Lynchology101

    The thing is though the term "radical Islam" isn't that at all it's just Islam....Execution for leaving islam - orthodox, killing gays - orthodox,rape of women - orthodox,convert infidels to Allah or slay them - Orthodox.Those are the tenets of their belief system it's not a few who took it too far it's literally people staying in line with the teachings.

  • Chris Hansen

    why do people continue to defend something so passionately when deep down they know it can't possibly be true? No one knows what happens when we die, and if they say they do they are lying, deal with it and stop pretending you are somehow "special"


    are you serious christians want Armageddon? are you serious? about pedophilia justifgied in Islam the marriages with many women , the abuse of all women ALL ALL ALL ALL SO BILLIONS ARE BARBARIANS so .....

  • Steven Poiun

    Afleck ask balkans and east europeans what do islam for 500 years there you piss of shit

  • Bernie DIAPER SANDERS Lukso

    Cenk, you helped fund the anti givernment riot against Turkey. You are wanted.

  • Anil Keshwala

    So this guys solution is to go to dangerous countries and educate them? And not only educate them but to tell them how corrupt their political system is and they will realise and have an epiphany like they didn't already know that something wasn't right before hand ? What a twat.

  • John Duffy

    Bill Maher is such a pretentious sudo-intellect who hides behind sudo-understanding which is the substantiated by those he invites onto his show to support his views.

  • mohamed burhan

    may ALLAH take you to hellfire for lying about islam


    An "exmuslim" who shits on christianity and deffends islam, right... He sounds just as educated on the matter as Ben Affleck

  • Troy York

    you fat Turk. Didn't you look at that graph. You made Harris point most Muslims live in those nations approving death to apostes. fat kurd

  • dahle1983

    travel to a muslim country and wave ur American flag. lets see how long u live

  • Sanad Artista

    I love that man he know what's up we love u Batman

  • ted H

    so white religion is clean off evil check your own history first then discusses others

  • C A

    Hahahaha lol wtf u ppl are brainwashed like hell. I'm Muslim, born Muslim went to Mosques my whole life and still going and yet we are taught that we should't even hurt or kill a mosquito or a cockroach, let alone kill a person LOL!

  • Jeef Jeeb

    I feel bad for you idiots who think ISIS is islam when even chinese and indian people are there fighting and can't even speak arabic .. I live in lebanon ladies and gents, we're mostly muslims BUT guess what ! we party like crazy, drink enjoy and love everyone .. Oh and ISIS bombed us tons of times, muslims are the actual targets for isis you idiots !! pretty ironic isn't it?

  • Abdalla Omar

    U are the is who do not have idea not Islam. Islam the who understand Allah guide through. In u case May Allah guide u that's all I can say to u . Bcz totally lost

  • NoHuddleNoMercy

    Excuse me when WWIII comes because it's not a matter of "If" it's a matter of WHEN... Need proof? How about almost every country stepping up their nuclear testing over the last 10 or so years.If the U.S goes to war with N. Korea then China will be involved and then Russia and their allies and our allies S. Korea, Japan our European allies will also enter war, it will start WWIII. The Korean peninsula is a ticking time bomb just waiting to see who will be dumb enough to make the first move.So yes Armageddon is a real thing and needs to be taken very and I do mean very seriously. Making light of it is probably the most idiotic thing you can do.

  • Drugged Safety

    Sam cites polls that disagree. The majority of people in Syria, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, ETC think you should be stoned to death for being gay. The MAJORITY. So stop pretending like Islam itself isn't part of the problem. They're using the word to create a modern day holy war, and most of it's funded by Saudi Arabia and Iran. America should just unify the world with Russia and China. eliminating trillions in taxes and spending. China needs to reform first and grow their economy to the size of its population. Slap their little homie Kim Lil Jung for firing those rockets. Free Gelo, TY Trump xoxo

  • Jack M

    nice subtle anti-semitism

  • minz zara

    If Islam as a religion was "barbaric" OR "irrational" OR even "oppressive" then America wouldn't have been 70% more threatened by 'white and black violence' and rather would have been 'suicide bomb' targetted by the 3 million Muslims residing within the United States. Have some common sense ffs.Islam rejected "slavery of Black people and non-Muslims" 1600 years ago when West was only busy scheduling and planning wars. Bilal Habshi was the first person to call Muslims for the first ever worship and he was a "freed Black slave".Prophet Muhammad said 1600 years ago , "No Arab is superior to Non-Arab and no White is superior to Black" Sixteen hundred years ago Islam said this?? When it was not even possible for Black people to even 'think' of Freedom and Equal Rights.Islam is modern and liberal. Its political strategy is based on meritocracy and its economic strategy is based on social system. Islam is a God's religion like Judaism like Chrisianity. Quran mentions all the previous oracles and the events. You can't deny it if you have read it.Besides this, Islam is the balance of everything universally possibly. Only if you go deep into it biblically.


    big loads of shit religion is bullshit and not only islam you are juste realy stupid if you talk like jewish/cristian faschism and it all the same. dam your so stupid bill maher and ist a bad agenda frm vatican and israel

  • Iroquois Plissken

    I doesn't matter that the majority of Muslims are peaceful, it's the minority that's killing everyone. The majority of Germans in WWII were peaceful, but the minority still used them to help kill six million Jews. Muslims need to take a stronger stance against extremism, it they don't, they can't blame everyone else for picking up the slack.

  • Cherisse Tillman

    Love Ben more after thisThey are idiots. It's like saying all blacks kill each other...false or Trump is stupid...false. This is a prime example why the people in this country are stupid hateful people. I guess he forgot about his culture owning, selling, and raping slaves. I guess he forgot his culture stealing land...heck...a whole country from the Natives. I guess he forgot his culture going into schools and shooting innocent children and adults. I guess he forgot his culture going into other countries and Bombing them as well.

  • ariean rachmat

    How can you be tolerant to intolerant groups?

  • ffdrn zm

    why this world full of prejudice,, Please unite😢


    im realy disapointed of sam harris year ago he is not a real atheis he is fightin a racist war fact bill is also and many stupid americans

  • Dama DeFuerza

    Sunis do not infibulate girls, but they do remove the clitoral hood. Still mutilation.

  • Temo Mass

    what a shower of shit ,,, pls dislike

  • Deformed Goldfish

    This analysis is exactly the conflation between criticism and bigotry that Maher and Harris were talking about. Liberalism is supposed to embrace differing opinions and ideas, yet TYT manages to completely defy all principles of liberalism, and still somehow be used to represent the left. People like this are the people who make many resent the left, and directly fuels the increasing power of the far right, and while I am far from conservative, I can't blame them for that, as the left in this form, is an embarrassment to the entire concept of liberalism and reasoned debate.

  • Fukc Off

    Cenk missed it at the end. Maybe terrorism is a form of war so if that's the case we're at war with muslims. I dunno what's going on in this world anymore. I'm starting to believe its a natural response to an overpopulating world. And I believe Christianity is the most intolerant and judgmental religion anyways.

  • Zuhdija Muric

    My favorite actor respect Ben Affleck

  • Saim ÇELİK

    Can u say any word in Quran or any rules that made you think islam is irrational. Never blame islam, you probably never been muslim.

  • Troy York

    Ben affeleck and Cenk Uyger are coke meth and opioid heads. Those nations are Muslim today because early Muslims intervened and destroyed nations and West needs to nation build and recivilize these lands of lost civilization and barbarity

  • Leland Grover

    Cenk there really isn't a fundamental disagreement here.

  • Franky Daniel

    Ben Affleck is a friggn liberal tool. And gunk is jUst an idiot

  • Sanad Artista

    it's gross it's racist

  • Imran Ahmed

    bill is a dirty jew supporter biggest scum bags.remind me who conspired to kill jesus.oh yeah duty jewish priests fact.bun da jew scum

  • Chi Chi

    Turk, there is a motherload of POLLS directed at Muslims. A HUGE majority believe Jews must die and majority believe in Jihad against infidels. You know that.

  • William Eberhard

    You completely miss the point and are putting words in their mouth. It's 17-25%. A 20% number is very reasonable. You are just being strait stupid Cenk. 20% of over 2 billion is a huge number of people. Be real here. You are the one with a double standard.

  • Troy York

    Cenk did you even look at that graph. Notice how Cenk said he left religion. He would never say that in Paki land or Turkestan

  • Courtesywater6 Hi

    He's just so wrong

  • anas mohammed

    When someone drew prophet's cartoon in the past, all we heard and preached from the mosques was: Don't resort to any violent responses, That is not our religion. That is not Islam. And I'm sure this is the case in 99% of Muslims. They see Islam as the path to spiritual purification not through violence or extremism, but through love, kindness, and compassion.The radicals who see war or violence as a shortcut path to paradise or Jannah, are Not Muslims, They are Terrorists, and true enemies of Islam.

  • alex grizzly

    Muslims are suffering from a mental illness!

  • Enzo James

    "All these billion people don't hold these pernicious beliefs, you say? That's not true."And Cenk argues that that statement is somehow equivallent to Bill saying, "All these billion people hold these pernicious beliefs."?Wrong, Cenk.It was pretty clear to me that Bill was making the point that SOME DO and SOME DON'T. And when you don't get to criticize those pernicious BELIEFS, you let the people who DO believe those things get away with any wrongdoings that result from those. That's all Bill and Sam were saying and Cenk was the one generalizing there.

  • Liam

    Maher's statement of "you're not listening to what we are saying" sums up this video, including TYT's commentary on it. If you watch the entire video, you'll notice that Sam Harris suggests that we criticize Islam itself, not Muslims as a people. This has always been his point with his criticism of Islam, but almost every time he talks about it, people take it as a criticism of Muslims. There is a fundamental difference between criticizing ideas and people, bit it seems to be something that apologists fail to understand. The point of this criticism is to help the moderates in that religion. No group has been more persecuted by Islam than Muslims themselves, the purpose of criticizing the crazier parts of Islam is to help the moderate Muslims first.

  • .Kiran Reddy

    Bill was not clear in presenting his point. The point is simple. MUSLIMS ARE NOT BAD, Islam is bad. MUSLIMS ARE JUST VICTIMS OF ISLAM. Islam is a disease and muslims are just victims of it. Dont hate the patients, hate the disease.

  • Dama DeFuerza

    I think humanity exists on a proportional plane. If you want to look at how many bad Muslims there are, look at how many bad Jews and Christians there are. That should frighten you in a nicely egalitarian way.

  • ted

    If the 20% number is made up then it could be higher or lower?

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