Christian Sues School For Letting Boy Wear Dress

Christian conservatives love imposing their beliefs on everyone else. Ana Kasparian and Brett Erlich, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"A Christian family is preparing to sue their sons’ Church of England school after boys were allowed to come to class wearing dresses.
Nigel Rowe, 44, and his wife Sally, 42, removed their six-year-old son from the unnamed school after a male classmate was allowed to attend the primary school in a dress.
They intend to educate him at home on the Isle of Wight alongside his eight-year-old brother. The older boy was pulled from the same school - which has a uniform - a year ago when a boy in his class also started wearing dresses.”*

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Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich


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  • Kathy Odom

    What if the kid was wearing his clans' tartan?

  • ThomasWilliamsMusic

    Don't see any schools getting sued for having uniforms made of mixed fabrics.

  • ceojr1963

    Scottish Kilts? umm where are they going to deal with the skirts?

  • Josiah D

    Robes are a bit different from a dress.

  • ISupportAccountability

    They don't want the public to see what they wear and jerk off in private, pretty understandable.

  • Jim Jeffcoat

    Should just go to Scotland... lots of men wear dresses over there.

  • HappyMask Salesman

    They are robbing their kids of their social skills. They're gonna miss so much.


    Jesus wore a robe, not a dress

  • cold G

    why make y'all think he's trans just for wearing women's shit maybe he loves fashion and just wants to look dope

  • Julien Lefebvre


  • Shawnee Longbow

    Wait. Like in that movie? Talk about art imitating life.

  • Anthony Smith

    Why does that boy have on a dress dad, because he wants to son and it's his right if he wants to..............end of conversation with my son it's that easy🤔🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Cordell Cornell

    Mockery & being a Dumb Ass destroys your credibility.

  • moonlightavenger

    It was going so well, until they decided to call robes as dresses...

  • Reason

    Why do Christians have to be all up in other people's faces all of the time?

  • black die%ice

    women wear pants then Huff and puff and blow their tops when men wear skirts and dresses the most basic garment . the so called skirt is the second oldest garment known to mankind if you see a woman who wears pants and cops an attitude with a boy while she's in pants give her the history of the skirt and call her a hypocrite.

  • Jawan Terrell

    I hope someone shoots Ana and Cenk in the head.

  • GreatDayEveryone

    They let a GIRL wear a dress. Transgender girls are GIRLS

  • Save Me ples


  • Koua Vang

    Child abuse having your son wear a dress

  • Islam is cancer

    Yeah, how about "Muslim Sues School For Letting Boy Eat Bacon"?You'll never hear TYT condemn muslim backwardness.

  • Debbie Bajomo

    The 11th CommandmentBoys shall not wear dresses

  • lee yang

    according to christian the earth is flat.. enough said.

  • MsSuriSu

    Why sue the school? They already toke there child out of the school, so problem solved. Why do they have to be extra? Do they feel the need to prove that they are super christians? I don't get it. And on another note. Are they gonna keep there child from walking on the street? Are they gonna ban television/ movies? the child is bound to see a man/ male in a dress somewhere! Children are not born hating others, it is parents like these who teach there kids to hate. Wow what wonderful christians, Christ must be so proud!

  • pevitzachast

    She clearly has no kids. Her conversation with her kid cracked me up.

  • C.A Grace

    Young Turks are idiots....

  • Kneecowe Sanchez

    It's a robe, stupid.

  • Alex Smalex

    "Christian conservatives love imposing their beliefs on everyone else. "But liberals get to do the same thing and not face criticism for it? Sorry, you can't hide behind the guise of not being religious if you're still forcing your beliefs on others.

  • Elena Tae

    Its just cloth, made into a dress get over it.

  • BlazingInferno

    People so triggered what other people do in their lives instead of worrying about their own life. Seriously they have so much time on their hands to get offended over nothing

  • FeedingFrenzy91

    No offense but most children aren't fit to make that kind of decision.God bless everyone.

  • Claptrap Claptrap

    the royal family often dresses in kilts, which are skirts used by men and women in Scotland, so why not a dress? It's not that different really. Personally, I think that dresses and skirts are more anatomically correct for men than trousers... Anyway, how are the parents going to explain about so many girls wearing trousers, which were not always legal clothing for women... But today there is no law of what people are allowed to wear, except in documents used for identification. There are cases when a kid has identified him / herself as the opposite sex for years and have their parents full support, but changes his or her mind when they come to puberty. If a boy sees someone dress like opposite sex he might want to experiment to see how it feels, but he will soon will get it out of his system. Same if a girl wants to wear an "overly masculine" clothes.

  • Jason Bequette

    Well dont know about legal action. But this little boy is the one who will pay the price. Confusion and instability leading to horrible failure in life. Sad

  • UNLebanon

    Private schools can have whatever dress code they want. The parents have the right to take their kid out, but there are absolutely no legal grounds for this lawsuit.

  • Morow991

    Here's an easier way to have a conversation about why another boy was wearing a dress: "Mom, dad, why was that other boy wearing a dress?" "Why don't you ask him?"

  • Gent Boy

    Jebus in a dress Nooooooooooo 😂

  • salexo9

    Who says the boy is transgender? Can't cis boys wear dresses? Cis girls sure wear pants.

  • Rivaldo Dael

    Pupils should wear as prescribed by the school. No exceptions.

  • qX Doombringer Xp

    You can teach your kids what you want, doesn't make it right, but you can. How-ever, you have absolutely zero right to raise another persons kids how you want. It's nothing but a bit of cloth.

  • peter

    I think the title was a bit off. "Conservative parents sue christian school" would be more balanced. The school was "Church of England" they said."Conservative Nutbar" would also be more accurate, and avoid slandering an entire group who would probably for the most part not consider suing over this.I hope that other kid does not get teased. I feel really sorry for the kid who is going to be homeschooled now though.

  • shydmples

    Reminds me of 'Christians' who didn't (and still don't like mixed marriages/relationships)....Stay the hell in your own yard & mind your business ....if you have any.

  • duke_of_lilywhite

    jesus is wearing a robe, not a dress, in all those renaissance painting. You two are obviously a pair of obtuse nimrods. which makes one wonder, are you naturally ignorant, or did you have to go to a four year university just to get shit for brains?

  • Joshua Moore

    Don't be so racist. Jesus is not wearing a dress. Neither is the prophet Mohammad

  • hpfan4life 394

    This should have nothing to do with transgender issues. A boy isn't all of a sudden a transgender girl if he wears a dress. Some boys just like wearing dresses, which is understandable, because dresses sometimes give you a very nice breeze on a very hot day. It's like saying that a girl is all of a sudden a transgender boy because she decided to wear pants. No..... sometimes you don't want your ass to show when your skirt flies up on a really windy day. We shouldn't label people based on the clothing they wear.

  • Tonshay Azodoh

    in the poor depression era, boys wore dresses because families a could not afford clothes and brothers and sisters shared clothes, this was normal. being poor can become a crime soon too. parents should homeschool their children if they don't agree with govt mandated education system and the freedom of others belief or practices. parents are the ignorant ones teaching their children hate and intolorence . hypocrisy 101

  • Rugie

    also just because you're biologically male and wear a dress doesn't mean you're trans. A dress is literally just a piece of fabric and doesn't necessarily define your gender identity

  • John Morris

    Isn't school and puberty the time when you discover your sexuality and who you really are and possibly even your gender identity and sexual preference? How can they argue this has is place in school! This is exactly the time for addressing these developmental changes.

  • This Guy

    Recently there were some boys at a school where their uniform required trousers, no shorts. They were clever enough to borrow skirts during a really bad heatwave. Nobody seemed to care.


    Umm ma'am a dress and a toga are not the same thing

  • Miguel Aguirre

    I think this story is blown way out of context. I remember a story about kids going to school in "girl" skirts because they were going through a heat wave but the uniform code didn't allow shorts

  • Mickey C

    I agree with points made here however Ana really needs to check her language in regards to trans bodies. Ppl aren't "born with a gender" they are assigned or designated a gender based on physical appearance that they may or may not grow up to identify with. Also there's no such thing as a boy who wants to be a girl, only a girl that does not want to be seen as a boy.

  • AniMoSoul

    The new Crimson Dress line from J. Christ. Out now at JC Penny.

  • Richard Short

    Can we stop pretending peer pressure doesn't exist or that every small child knows what their gender identity is without any confusion and can't be influenced by others? I mean the basis of the story isn't a big deal, obviously, and the parents suing are idiots, but yeah, sometimes kids do stuff they see without understanding it. There is no reason that identifying as the other gender or at least acting like you do is an exception. Ignoring reality is what the right wing does, maybe we can not just be the people who do it in the other direction. K, thanx.

  • Sarah Thomas

    I think maybe kids just shouldn't have a gender at all until they're like 10, would solve everything, girls would do science/engineering/tech boys would have to learn some stuff they don't currently, and there would be no trans issues until you are older.

  • Ramon Sayans

    "Jesus wore a dress" is such a reach, he wore robes and tunics, big difference, if he actually existed that is, and if little boys are wearing dresses is because they are having that pushed on them at home by their feminist mother, because is clear the father isn't likely to be around, a boy doesn't have a developed sexuality, it is up to them when they are older to decide what they want to do as what they want to identify with or whatever, until then, dress a boy like a boy and stop pushing third wave feminism nonsense

  • Alexander Gonzales

    Only problem i have with this is that robes are not a skirt or dress. There is a difference there.

  • queenbeethatme100

    But a trans gender person is NOT a real boy or girl. They are however they are born. Emotionally they may identify with the opposite sex..but as a child they still have the genetics of their real sex.To pretend any different is acting a lie. I respect any ones right to be and do whatever they like AND to be protected and treated like everyone else..but if a transgender person were to solicit my opinion about their gender. I would are a ____ identifying as the opposite sex Im not going to invest in the lie with anyone...and YES, I have been asked my opinion on this before.

  • Julien Lefebvre

    Real men wear tight skirts, with the string showing.

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