American Flags Replaced With White Flags On The Brooklyn Bridge

"Who swapped out two big American flags flying over the Brooklyn Bridge towers with Old Glories that had been bleached white? And, more important, why?

But a more pressing concern was how did the overnight caper happen right under the noses of the NYPD on one of the city's most heavily guarded and constantly watched landmarks?"

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Cenk Uygur ( and Ana Kasparian ( of The Young Turks try to figure out why someone would do this, and the reaction by the NYPD. Art or terrorism? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.


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  • oldeskul

    There is no telling what was the motivation. Maybe it was a piece of guerilla art, maybe it was a political statement(though usually they are followed up with some kind of release of a public statement), it could be a protest(though the message isn't completely clear), it could be some kind of public prank(my personal choice).

  • shadow jago SSJ

    no I think the means they surrender lol

  • AliBeeization

    I do n't know why they re laughing at the artist theory. I think that is most likely some form of art.

  • Mangy Redhed

    Considering that the flags were bleached American flags I think the message meant to be sent was that the American dream has become faded and forgotten.

  • Zai Tian

    Like we're on it..

  • vvlmm

    Stop being ridiculous, this has nothing to do with terrorism. And if terrorist wanted to blow the bridge it would much easier to fill a regular truck with explosive and blow it. Americans are so pathetic with this terrorist paranoia.

  • Gregory Boons

    If they were terrorists then they'd be the worst fucking terrorists ever.

  • nafsiammara

    How could it possibly be a terrorist attack?  Retarded.

  • Kristie B

    What are you guys french.... Oh wait

  • Pooba

    Obviously this is a show of contempt of society

  • 1989Nihil

    Article 32 of the first Hague Convention, White Flag.

  • ZerqTM

    Could be a statment about the american democrasy...With forigne corporations being able to bribe politicans through super PACs just how americans is america today?

  • Al Re-day

    Conflagration=weak sauce!!

  • Dejay Rezme

    WTF are you guys smoking talking about terrorism? The hysteria in the US seems to reach new heights. Soon you will declare saying things is terrorism.

  • TroopperFoFo

    ahh somebody already did the French joke . =(.

  • BlackStarPower911

    I'm kinda surprise that they don't have motion sensors to detect body movements somewhere on that bridge like the top part where those guys climbed at.

  • chasemebaby

    Ana wore that outfit before. Thats All I had to add because this really wasn't that interesting. 

  • Baghdadi-Jewish fellow

    Why did they do a white flag? Just another indication of white privilege microaggressions...

  • ArtisticAJ

    White flag=surrender. What is Brooklyn supposed to be surrendering to?

  • 109Siege

    I think the flags aren't meant to be interpreted logically.  It was more to create a gut reaction of "AMERICA SURRENDERS?!  OBAMA SURRENDERS TO TERRORISTS?!?!  NO!!  AMERICA DOESN'T SURRENDER!!!  KILL THE TERRORISTS AND KILL OBAMA BIN LADEN!!!"  Which of course completely underestimates the intelligence of the average person.  I've started to think recently that they're gearing up to "expose" Obama as an evil muslim trying to bring down America.  That he wants to help Al Qaida conquer America with TERRORISM and create an ANTI-authoritarian police state.  It doesn't make sense and it doesn't have to.  If they're going to use that line it would be a catastrophically stupid mistake because it veers far too close to the truth.  But that's what Fox and (worse) OAN seem to be saying already, and that's what Obama seems to be intentionally playing into by appearing weak.

  • Krista Antonini Martin

    What is it really?   That's high treason.

  • a1b2c3e4

    White flag = terrorism ? What's wrong with people ?

  • lunar lies

    it's time to surrender america.the world has  enough of your crimes against humanity !!greets from the netherlands

  • brad smith

    This really shows how terrorism has won.  Anytime any out of the ordinary thing happens.  People worry if it was terrorists.  Everyone is now in constant fear of terrorism.  Which is the ONLY objective of terrorism!  When your afraid you lose.

  • AnimalStomper

    White flag is the flag of the Taliban.. 

  • Green Bandit

    silly ana, we don't stand on lawns, they're to mainstream

  • Kabloosh

    Uhhhhh... you could put a bomb in a car and drive it on the bridge and blow it up that way. Just saying!

  • Bast Sunset Gaming

    Join to the dark side!

  • YawnGod

    God fucking damn it.I'm fucking ashamed to be an American. No shame in being ashamed.

  • s h a d ø w b a n n e d

    I love how a little graffiti isn't considered terroristic but anyone goes so far as to touch your flag? Oh no, the world is ending... cry me a river, it's a flag, get with the times.

  • Baron von Quiply

    The flag is upside down as well if you look closely.  Raising an inverted flag is also a signal of distress in the same way that pure white signals surrender.

  • Trebor Burch

    Given present conditions here in the U.S. this just might be a symbolic expression of despair by "we the people".  Duh

  • Joshua Lopez

    It was probably a bunch of kids trying to scare everyone.

  • ChristopherMcWalken PC

    I wish they would of replaced the American flag with a flag that says, "Fuck you".

  • AliBeeization

    TBH Hipsters look a lot more interesting than these two presenters, who look generc and boring. 

  • Alex9x19

    White flags are a sign of surrender.It could be a prank or it could be the being of an attack

  • imax006

    The "Terrorists" surrender. 

  • Ripple

    I say it's a small step to a rebellion.

  • BBQMAN81

    its a powerful submission symbolic message or capitulation towards WW3

  • Preston Torres

    Could this have been KKK members

  • Zachary Campbell

    I knew one day you would come crawling back. I will take your surrender.

  • MrHappyface

    OMG! This is a terrorist attack on our pride & morale! We need to go to WAR!!!

  • Yeah,i guess so

    Who ever did that ain't a New Yorker

  • Bonerus Maximus

    Should've wiped their asses with that disgusting abomination of a "flag".

  • shir094

    Seems if anything happens in the US it's a "Terrorist Attack"You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means

  • fishbaitor

    I'm sure the republicans blamed Pres. Obama.

  • chinaslife

    it means we give up!

  • manny suarez

    I think the statement they're trying to make is the American people have surrendered that we the people lack the will to fight. That's what I'm taking from this.

  • Boeiend Ookboeie

    it was them Ter-art-ists! we need to take 'em down now! >.<

  • Shaun

    The white flag means surrender. Someone is just being an ass, and trying to make a statement by doing this.

  • Mellow Swellow

    give the man who did this a award, hes probably sitting in his dorm room laughing his a$s off

  • Joseph Smith

    At least it's clean 

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