Russell Brand Rants At Fox News 'Savages' & You'll Totally Agree Why

"Actor Russell Brand has always been somewhat politically provocative, and now he's done it again with a diatribe against Fox News over a clip described on BuzzFeed as possibly the craziest rant ever done on the cable news network. In the clip in question, Judge Jeanine Pirro went after President Obama and said he "didn't have the balls" to try Gitmo detainees, as well as citing a report from conspiracy site WorldNetDaily about ISIS forces being trained by the U.S., among other things.

Brand repeatedly mocked Pirro for her "incendiary and provocative" language, including when she referred to ISIS as "savages." And in response to Pirro calling ISIS a "fanatical religious terrorist organization," Brand said, "So's Fox News. It's a fanatical terrorist propagandist organization.""* The Young Turks hosts Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola (TYT University), and Jimmy Dore (The Jimmy Dore Show) break it down.

*Read more here from Josh Feldman / Mediaite:


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  • Miss Candy

    Yes I hate dat bitch periro.....she drives me crazy....I have to change the chanel...she's toxic



  • David Flynn

    Is she sucking candy



  • Bb Rr

    I will say this much...TYT have brought the art of rejecting objective facts and linear argument to new heights. Watching them writhe in apoplectic infantile tantrums when faced with undeniable facts that fly in the face of whatever narrative they are desperately trying to justify can be wonderfully entertaining. LOL ;-)

  • KEAS

    There should be a sign of “editorial” on Fox. It’s not professional.

  • Oppeldeldoc1

    As usual, Cenk is right about Obama's image with ultra-conservatives. Obama gave them everything they wanted when it comes to wars, and they pretend he did just the opposite.

  • Leonardo DiPartlow

    Janine Shapiro is a caked on makeup wearing hypocrit. She's will make up anything and believe her her own made up lies. She was thrown off bench as a lousy justice. That speaks volumes as to who and what she is. A wannabe

  • John King

    Al Qaeda WAS founded by the USA to fight Russians in Afghanistan. Ask any Fox news employee which Republican party voted through the money to found Al Qaeda on the urging of which George Bush. They can criticise everyone else and never admit their own guilt. Iran is a bloody mess today because a Republican president (Eisenhower) and a lickspittle British prime minister (Churchill) used the CIA to destroy it's secular democratic government and install a dictator. If more Americans read history they would see through the grinding stupidity that is Fox News.

  • avery neal

    Truth isJudge pirro is the hottest tranny ever!!And she's got the balls to prove it

  • OpenlyTranshumanist

    3 years later.... holy shit yeah she's right ISIS are the "moderate" rebels. I completly agree 100% ASSAD is the LION of syria

  • Just Me

    That witch has NO credibility, I don't care if the desk is made of gold! There is nothing Christian about her. TrumP and Friends!

  • joseph colling

    Jeanine Ferris married Albert Pirro, a lobbyist, in 1975. The couple had a son and a daughter. In 2000, Albert Pirro was convicted of federal tax evasion and conspiracy of over $1 million,[which was seen as possibly hurting his wife's legal and political career prospects.[10] The conviction was so damaging to her political career that she seriously considered resigning from her position as a state district attorney and taking a more lucrative post in the private sector.In the midst of her 2006 state attorney general campaign, Pirro revealed she was the subject of a federal investigation into whether she illegally taped her husband's conversations to catch him committing adultery.[12] The couple announced they were separating in November 2007 and finalized their divorce in 2013.After her husband's release from prison, Pirro received significant political contributions from his associates, including contractors and realtors who had done business with her husband, for her several unsuccessful attempts to hold higher office.

  • Greg Fellner

    What a bunch of crap

  • Herman Huerta

    Type "A" oppressing type "B" fear driving bullies.

  • Ren M

    I speak of all Lebanese when I say we denounce her. bitch.

  • 05sidedfistagon

    No Cenk, first of all, you pointed out how he went over the top. You are a tool.

  • Bob Morris

    They say Fox makes shit up. Then all the stuff she said should be easily refuted?

  • Shawn Bechard

    Clearly everyone in this video, is drinking the kool aid. Just go and look up who really owns Fox news and see.

  • John davis

    of course Isis was trained by the US, and so we're Isis's do you folks think it has worked? did Ho Chi Minh come from a rabbit's hat? Did Bin Laden just randomly come from the set of Morning Joe? no, he came from Meikas father. Planned opposition, the chess board.

  • berto luera

    She's a CUNTusion that never heels..!

  • murdercrows21

    Isn't her husband a convicted felon? This woman is as loud as the mouthpiece that Kim Jong Un uses for their propaganda.

  • Drosta Dorianin

    Lol...anyone who watches fox is a bloody moron.


    only idiots listen to someone like that , fox news the laughing stock of the world .

  • Victoria K

    I love Jeneane. TYT are assholes

  • nash984954

    Pirro was let out of an asylum wasn't she?

  • Light The Dark

    Wonder if she's willing to admit Reagans funding of terrorist organizations against Russia including Osama bin Laden. So if one wants to launch false claims and conspiracy crap, than we could blame Reagan for 9/11...

  • Fadwa Goudercourt

    islamist? is there actually a word like that?

  • Carmel O'Hara

    The lady from fox news speaks the truth, we in Europe know it and you all know it. Russell Brand is an uneducated clown , over this side of the pond we pay no heed to him. TYT , if you support that eegit and his potty mouth, over a person who speaks the truth then you have no credibility.

  • Lisa Thompson

    These people are full of BULLSHIT 😂😂

  • reallue

    I've also only watched that stuff for research purposes only

  • Beelzebob the innocent

    The US is the main source of outright and covert terrorism making billions of dollars for the war complex while destroying millions of lives

  • Rqr S

    I loathe this ignorant bitch, she's a joke

  • Bad Ass Tutorials

    Jesus Christ!! How many planes flew into sky scrappers in those 8 years? This dumb bitch is off her meds. And no. Botox is not an anti depressant.

  • Rene Lilly

    She actually said "Benghazi Massacre"? We can safelly tune out everything a person says as being total crap, who seriously uses "Benghazi Massacre" in a sentence.

  • Fadwa Goudercourt

    slapper with your white low cut dress vile mix race brainwashed bitch

  • Little Bigman

    She sounds like a New Jersey truck driver

  • Mary Kay Ryan

    How is it that Brand went "over the top?" He said, quite quietly what you then repeated quite a lot louder. Russel Brand is one of the most articulate left spokesperson around these days. Stop acting like somehow you guys are so measured. I love ye guys, but have you listened to yourself lately. You get pretty freakin' worked up. Well, goof for ye. Because, like Russel Brand, you all actually have the information to back up what you are saying and you are correct.

  • ricshmitz83

    What a repulsive woman.


    turned out to be true !

  • Jeff Nolan

    what's with her face?? ewwww...

  • rd0676

    she said DANGER ZONE. (Archer reference)

  • Steven perdue

    TYT is awesome! Over 3 million subscribers and growing! Spreading the truth regardless of how much it offends Republicans :)

  • subliminal

    You and your followers are radicals and check it out ISIS has.been trained by us according to Turkey and Russia so do some research miss Fake judge

  • greg romero

    faux news/fox news. land of the liars , home of the stupids. judge jeanie = skank 22, wanted dead or hardly breathing

  • Coco H

    Ugh as a military soldier obama messed up on his foreign policy. Young Turks are clueless liberals who have no idea. They act as if they know it all. Lmbo they don't!!! Were y'all there???? No!!! But I was! And Syria is obamas fault!! 100% his fault! If you only knew the crap I seen. Obama is corrupt. Notice how when he left office & trump took over how quick Syria changed? How IsIs on the run??? Yeah!!! It's the truth..

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