Russell Brand Rants At Fox News 'Savages' & You'll Totally Agree Why

"Actor Russell Brand has always been somewhat politically provocative, and now he's done it again with a diatribe against Fox News over a clip described on BuzzFeed as possibly the craziest rant ever done on the cable news network. In the clip in question, Judge Jeanine Pirro went after President Obama and said he "didn't have the balls" to try Gitmo detainees, as well as citing a report from conspiracy site WorldNetDaily about ISIS forces being trained by the U.S., among other things.

Brand repeatedly mocked Pirro for her "incendiary and provocative" language, including when she referred to ISIS as "savages." And in response to Pirro calling ISIS a "fanatical religious terrorist organization," Brand said, "So's Fox News. It's a fanatical terrorist propagandist organization.""* The Young Turks hosts Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola (TYT University), and Jimmy Dore (The Jimmy Dore Show) break it down.

*Read more here from Josh Feldman / Mediaite:


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    why is it OK for this old worn out bitch to call Obama ugly names, yet SHE is first to jump out,( after applying 5lbs of make up) defending turdtrump,

  • Dawn Atkinson

    One thing i have noticed is that whenever americans talk about the iraq war, they always go on about american vets who died there (4,446 approx) BUT i have NEVER heard americans apologise for the men, women and children that were murdered in an illegal war (500,000 to million estimated).And then they wonder why these people hate them so much!

  • Usaid Hampton

    Obama was more Republican than Republicans.....

  • The Flight File

    This Judge is stupid


    Fucks news has syphilis bad


    American media lies consistently more than uk I don't trust either

  • jeff jones

    hey young Turks...YOU LOST!!! crying!..bunch of whinny little girls!..come to where i live..everyone loves Trump...he took 90 percent off the map election night..screw the popular vote..Trump took the just have tons off people in Cali and New York city..Hillary was filling high school was filling LOST!!!!...GO HOME!

  • Ismale Cruz

    Da young Jerks... Russell who?

  • Greg Pek

    Russell Brand is a know nothing idiot that just spouts communist dogma. No wonder TYT feature the little creep. Creeps and liars are attracted to each other.

  • Nick Dollars


  • Larry Morris

    he is nuts a queer muslim

  • Larry Hicks

    Russell brand should stay in England, we don't want your bullshit here

  • rain segaran Alfaran

    Rape that fox bitch!

  • Pearl Crossman

    woman shut your face, trump wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire....

  • Larry Hicks

    You saw what happened to piers didn't you?

  • danceswithcritters

    another vile fox news airhead bitch.

  • cloudboy51

    Brand is an ugly, tattooed, Marxist jew. Pure filth.

  • TyRCelto

    I guess 2,424 viewers didnt 'totally agree'.

  • AngerySpheesMarheen

    Young Turks taking Russell Brand seriously.YT have ran out of arguments, haven't they?

  • Andrew_Owens

    I hate judge Piro. In this case, there is a grain of truth to what she is saying. She just neglects to admit the decades that both parties have assisted radical Islamists. This has been going on since before Reagan.

  • Phillip Lopez

    ISIS and the GOP have more in common than THE GOP and most Americans . The GOP is a racist terrorist organization .

  • Gleen Mohan

    Judge jennine talking about Obama balls, her husband has only one tiny ball, she saw On Obama balls and dying to suck on them ,jennine you are committing fornication with the mouth nasty bitch use some detail to wash your stinking mouth bitch.

  • Dan Aldrich

    This video is over 3 years old. We all know how many terrorists attacks have happened in Great Britain, France, and the rest of Europe thanks to ISIS. She's right on the money. Obama didn't have any balls and now with Clinton who started kicking the can down the road with Korea, along with the administrations that followed have run out of road. Now. Trump has to clean up their mess.

  • G-Dog! 58.

    So what about Fox News, Russell Brand still has a mouthful of Obama's Nadd's as does Cenk! 🖕🏻off young turds!

  • Rob Hage

    Everywhere where Islam is its problems

  • Lee Alexander

    Russell did not go over the top.

  • Steven perdue

    Fox news should have to stamp the word FICTION in red warning letters.

  • korak dabii89

    U ALL Are VERY FAKE NEWS!!!!!!!!! espicially dt fat guy who talks so much n do nothing for their own people... Keep talking u piece of shit

  • Samuel Robinson

    This moron gives women a bad name, as do most female fox anchors, but she takes the prize....did she pull that 60% figure out of her ass? Going on about hate while she's inciting it, talk about hypocritical... How dare she insult Obama. He's by no means innocent but he's a thousand times more intelligent, sophisticated, articulate and classy than her..

  • Fart Knocker

    Pierre needs MORE makeup....and do something about the glass eye.

  • stone creek5

    the young Turks suck

  • Mike Huff

    thank. Reagan. for bin laden

  • Smiley Snake

    Obama is just doing what the presidents before him did, arm terrorists for their own gain.

  • Larry Morris

    well just saw this show left wing shits


    The young turks are a misinformation propaganda channel

  • Mkl 01

    Love love love Russel Brand!! This woman is a horrible and vulgar tourist herself... A Propagandist for her own personal benefit ($). The double digit IQ Republic-CONS will follow this type of inflammatory rhetoric because they are clueless and harbor these feelings within themselves.... We so need the TYT's and Russel Brand's to respond to this HATE SPEACH... this woman needs to be taken down! These fucken retards are killing us..

  • Lisa Simpson

    That woman's face on Fox was REALLY creeping me out.

  • Melody Brown

    Your hypocrisy is showing, Young Turks.  When Obama is a warmonger, you cover and deflect criticism, but when a Repub. Pres. does it, you criticize, and  yet you ADMIT they are both doing the same thing.

  • border lands

    Does she have lip cancer?

  • notsosilentmajority1

    Why would any American listen to a foreign comedian in regards to our government? The only people that would do this are weak-minded morons that are just looking for someone that agrees with them and those that like to feel sided with a celebrity type that they see on t.v..  What a moron and the young jerks are just complete morons for kissing some foreigners ass and agreeing with him about American politics.  Let him worry about what is going on in England with their Muslim mayor of London and all the other problems they have going on over their. If he can fix England's problems then i might listen to a few of his words.  The Muslims have taken over London to the point that native Brits are now the minority in London.  What about the terrorism going on over there?  How are the victims from the terrorist bombing at the Ariana Grande concert?  He doesn't talk much about that but he talks a lot about Judge Jeanine Pirro.  Brand and the young jerks need to stop jerking each other off and then patting each other on the back.  It makes for a sticky situation.  A--holes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nefertari Johnson

    Is she The Judge speaking about Afghanistan during the the Russian invasion in 1979? Because she is twisting an old story to fit her agenda I think.

  • Peter Addison

    That woman's face is just dam pretty. And she brains, not hard see through obama-clinton crooks though. We said lady

  • TheSharkLord

    Liberal controlled media my arse.

  • Lee Alexander

    54% of terrorist acts in the US are committed by right wingers, 12% by Muslims. All Muslims including ISIS somehow don't come close.

  • sana S

    Russell brand is a legend man! He's woken up and smelt the coffee

  • cloudboy51

    The Young Turds lol

  • Wan Truth

    Man that lady was real thundercunt.

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