Russell Brand Rants At Fox News 'Savages' & You'll Totally Agree Why

"Actor Russell Brand has always been somewhat politically provocative, and now he's done it again with a diatribe against Fox News over a clip described on BuzzFeed as possibly the craziest rant ever done on the cable news network. In the clip in question, Judge Jeanine Pirro went after President Obama and said he "didn't have the balls" to try Gitmo detainees, as well as citing a report from conspiracy site WorldNetDaily about ISIS forces being trained by the U.S., among other things.

Brand repeatedly mocked Pirro for her "incendiary and provocative" language, including when she referred to ISIS as "savages." And in response to Pirro calling ISIS a "fanatical religious terrorist organization," Brand said, "So's Fox News. It's a fanatical terrorist propagandist organization.""* The Young Turks hosts Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola (TYT University), and Jimmy Dore (The Jimmy Dore Show) break it down.

*Read more here from Josh Feldman / Mediaite:


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  • drmorq

    and the increase of white men and their mass shootings has increased since trump made it a national sport...

  • Randolph Duke

    It really should be illegal to have news in fox's title.

  • ToFester

    And now they have a President who's a pathological liar just like them.

  • big boy

    Ha dick are you a American no so go back to your UK. we have free speech you didn't. Russell f off

  • Jae Lynn

    Turns out the cia and pentagon both had dogs in the fight in Syria, and WERE supplying arms to isis. It's not BS. I hate Fox, but here they are not far off base. I read somewhere they had each funded a side, cia back fighters fighting pentagon backed fighters. They were probably taking side bets to see who would win. It's like a game to these guys.

  • john smith

    nojenk, russell was not over the top. he's spot on.And I don't really like him.

  • John King

    Al Qaeda WAS founded by the USA to fight Russians in Afghanistan. Ask any Fox news employee which Republican party voted through the money to found Al Qaeda on the urging of which George Bush. They can criticise everyone else and never admit their own guilt. Iran is a bloody mess today because a Republican president (Eisenhower) and a lickspittle British prime minister (Churchill) used the CIA to destroy it's secular democratic government and install a dictator. If more Americans read history they would see through the grinding stupidity that is Fox News.

  • Angela Robitaille

    I'm very open-minded but she is just's so sad how she vomits these her views and people actual listen.

  • nonameblues

    WRONG.. Being English i can categorically state that Russell Brand is not, i repeat NOT a comedian. There is nothing remotely funny about him, except maybe his opinion of himself....

  • TruthNerds

    Youtube's algorithm tricked me in here once more. Anyway, now that I'm here, I'd like to know what's the status of your Armenian genocide investigations. Making any progress, Cenk? And what about women being inferior to men and not wanting enough sex? Oh, right, I'm sorry. You apologized, and Justice Democrats should have forgiven you. Only they didn't, because they're vindictive bitter godless c*nts. They're worse than you, for crying out loud.Anyway, these topics are a minefield. Let's talk about something else. Something innocuous. What's your favorite transport company? American Airlines? Crap, I give up. I'll rather end the conversation here. Have a nice day, Cenk, until next time tricks me into clicking on your nonsense.

  • Angela Robitaille

    This show is GREAT!! LOVE IT

  • Beau Janggles

    I see Jimmy dole with you there. I don't know if you believe me until I show you the proof, I planned for Jimmy to join TYT. I really hope you know .. one day I will be on your team.

  • vonsuthoff

    This woman is as annoying as sand in your bum, or too tight underwear! And that doesn't even consider her cartoonishly shrill vocal cadence. And she was a judge!!! There is no way she could possibly be unbiased. Wonder if that was before or after her husband went to jail for embezzling? Hummm...

  • Matthew Carroll

    Fox news is total bullshit

  • bragsdriesen1

    There is something seriously wrong with her lips 😅😂🤣 & the bullshit coming out of her mouth 😝😜🤪


    Every Taliban alive on 9/11/2001 is now dead, or too old to fight ... and bombs still fall, year after year ... Proof, war is self perpetuating.

  • ricshmitz83

    What a repulsive woman.

  • P N

    did she have her lips plastic surgery to look like trump's when she talks?

  • Dale Hauk

    did she get throwen off the brench for prejury

  • Jeremy Stangle

    hey judge , let your viewers know that the bush administration along with all administration's post JFK have been training terrorists and propping up rebel armies to counter the anti-zionist leaders in countries all over Africa , the middle-east , and asia. msm freaks don't know how to b journalists they only know how to follow orders

  • Oppeldeldoc1

    As usual, Cenk is right about Obama's image with ultra-conservatives. Obama gave them everything they wanted when it comes to wars, and they pretend he did just the opposite.

  • Mindy Hitchcock

    Get lost, bitch loser. You have plenty of mouth, on FOX asskisser to drumpf. Love to see your ass in court.

  • Leonardo DiPartlow

    Janine Shapiro is a caked on makeup wearing hypocrit. She's will make up anything and believe her her own made up lies. She was thrown off bench as a lousy justice. That speaks volumes as to who and what she is. A wannabe

  • Deebz270

    We love our Russel. He's one of the few celebs over here, who say it as it is. Don't let his appearance fool you, he's clearly got more working synaptic junctions, than most of the leaders of the Western Anglophone Nations - Especially that idiot in the 'Oval Orifice' - combined.

  • Thomes Maisling

    Wrestling is less fake than Fox News and far less insidious.

  • Light The Dark

    Wonder if she's willing to admit Reagans funding of terrorist organizations against Russia including Osama bin Laden. So if one wants to launch false claims and conspiracy crap, than we could blame Reagan for 9/11...

  • Ken wilkinson


  • Mohammad was illiterate

    Russel Brand wants to bring in massive numbers of Islamic wackjobs pretending to be child refugees, yet he won't house any with his millions, he won't live in their street, no he wants other people, average people to have to tolerate those vile muslim wacko's

  • Charles Barker

    who cares what russell brand thinks? can he even think? and only the young turks would have him on anyway! who cares about them ? I don't know who died and made them so smart.

  • Mike Youngblood

    Bengahzi cannot be a massacre. Only 4 people were killed.

  • Jovan Lee

    Not all tattoo guys are bad.

  • vonsuthoff

    Who in his right mind (and a proper set of balls) would fornicate with this loony she-devil??? Surly, it would have to be a fundamentalist evangelical republican... surly. You know... the kind of guy who would beg to be punished for his sins.

  • Prasad Kumaria

    Pirro was forced to resign as DA of Westchester County because she got caught with her husband cheating on their taxes! She was not a judge, just on tv. She got in trouble also for using taxpayer money for herself and persecuting people she had grudges against.

  • Michael Braden

    She's disgusting

  • Bad Ass Tutorials

    Jesus Christ!! How many planes flew into sky scrappers in those 8 years? This dumb bitch is off her meds. And no. Botox is not an anti depressant.

  • Random dude

    Sometimes I just want to leave America and throw a bomb on it.

  • Shekar Mantha

    Ah! Seems like the argument is who was more vicious -- Obama or Trump. As you guys say Obama stayed in Afghanistan for all of the 8 years, started wars in Libya and Syria and didn't close Gitmo. So, he was a neocon too. As a liberal, I would say Obama was more dangerous because he pretended to be a liberal when he wasn't. It is a false dichotomy -- there is really no difference between the parties. Trump is a buffoon but look at what he actually does -- not much different than what Obama did. Don't look at the Tweets. Shows how powerless the position of POTUS is and how we are controlled by the oligarchy.

  • Mike Wallace

    I had forgotten that old Fox propaganda "cut and run". Geez, all their "reporters" parroted that line for months until the imbecile right-wingers came to believe it.

  • paul connelly

    Corporate power through their media ownership brainwashes you to hate each other so they can benefit. Nothing new here.

  • nash984954

    Pirro was let out of an asylum wasn't she?

  • lion fish

    I hate the mentality of The Young Jerks. Crazy ignorant Fake News SOCIAL control by The FASCIST Progressive Democrats.

  • Steven perdue

    TYT is awesome! Over 3 million subscribers and growing! Spreading the truth regardless of how much it offends Republicans :)

  • Jan Nel

    Typical of the potheads like Russel Brand for not condeming terrorists like ANC, SWAPO, ISIS, etc. If you had to scrape the blood and flesh of the sidewalks after terrorist cowardly explosed a bom amoungst civilians, what remains of you drug eaten brain might start thinking differently

  • Judith Osorio

    Jeanine Pirro is an agitator just like trump. I have noticed that the bigger the mouth the emptier the soundless the words that come out of it.

  • KEAS

    There should be a sign of “editorial” on Fox. It’s not professional.

  • Charly Moffit

    "FOX News like to get people of color to hate on people of color" -- Cenk with more typical bigoted lefty nonsense. These liberal art school teach kids to seriously read like sheep and survive by handouts.

  • dadadruma

    Listening to DUDGE Pirro would make Pharma Grade Viagara ineffective

  • Derrick Williamson

    How it that over the top ? You guys are rediculous

  • To tell The truth

    Judge told the complete truth, You assholes are ignorant brainwashed Zombies ! Im sorry.. I take that back.. you have to have a brain to be brainwashed!

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