Adam Carolla Against Feeding Kids, Wonders Why Conservatives Get Bad Name

"Liberals have taken over the word "conservative" and turned it into a pejorative, says comedian and radio host Adam Carolla.

In the latest episode of The Adam & Dr. Drew Show, Carolla fielded a caller's question about how, in the past year, it seems as though the actor has had much more to say about politics than in years past.

"It's not a political stance; it's a life stance," Carolla said. "I understand how life works. You know why? I've done it." He added: "I know that the path to success is a bunch of hard work and that is about it. And we can all get to that or we can call me whatever you want to call me.""* The Young Turks host Ana Kasparian breaks it down.

*Read more here from Andrew Kirell / Mediaite:


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  • Arm Strength Trainer

    Ana working for Cenk the rapist


    most Conservatives...are selfless, and hate the poor , and sick....but ADAM is right

  • Donald Nault

    Could this video be more far off???

  • Michael Nix

    Wow, she really is so amazingly dense and obtuse.

  • Aaron Bower

    Wow, I heard about this...Anna with an embarrassing swing and miss.

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