Brooklyn Bridge White Flag Mystery Solved

"Mystery solved? A pair of artists in Berlin said they were the ones who pulled off the stunt of the summer, hoisting two big all-white flags atop the Brooklyn Bridge last month, swapping them for the usual red, white and blue.

When the flags appeared, rumors flapped: It was a prank or a grave security breach.

But the artists, Mischa Leinkauf and Matthias Wermke, say the flags — with hand-stitched stars and stripes, all white — had nothing to do with terrorism. In a series of phone interviews, they explained that they only wanted to celebrate “the beauty of public space” and the great American bridge whose German-born engineer, John Roebling, died in 1869 on July 22, the day the white flags appeared.” *

Cenk Uygur ( and Ana Kasparian ( discuss.

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  • Connal Maccon

    well a white flag is better than any other flag. without any symbols and colours of a nation. 

  • Johannes Blank

    Ana will be a conservative when she's older.

  • Jeremy Farrance

    Ana Kasparian scoffs and calls Cenk crazy when she's the illiterate fool who scoffed at the idea that it might just be an art project in the first place. This stupid woman needs to take a trip to the Metropolitan Museam of Art and maybe learn something, but I'm not holding my breath on that one.


    Where is the evidence?

  • Blacky's Family

    Capture The Flag. Enough said.

  • Darius der Rote

    "We have been attacked a decade ago... so we have the right to lash out violently against anyone who does anything out of the norm! No matter who it is or what his attention they had! Even our own people and peaceful states." Are you fucking kidding me? The terrorists won!

  • Joe N

    This guy needs to get knocked out. He acts like a moron

  • Garnet K

    one more incidence of feeding into the fear of terrorism, wake up the fake war on terrorism is a control method

  • W.J.E. Givens

    White flag: Is saying truce or surrender....the most powerful force in the universe is that which cannot be seen...figure it out.These guys from Berlin are liars, just trying to gain a little fame...wake up people.

  • Bill Rizzo

    only timei agree with ana on an intellectual basis and not on a "mah dick" basis

  • StartingPosthuman

    In Germany it is quite common to see art in public space and many people are involved in either bringing it there or enhancing it. As long as nothing gets seriously damaged the public either doesn't care or likes those pieces. It is a way of reaffirming public ownership of public places in a time when more and more public space gets privatized or dominated by politics or corporations. To hear that in the USA this could be interpreted as an act of violence or terrorism is indeed very strange to Germans. Nonetheless the two artist violated the biggest rule of traveling there is: When in Rome, do as the Romans do. They should not have expected those same rules to apply to another country or continent. I'd guess though, that they learned that lesson...

  • bleedisaster

    Isn't New Yorkers and/or Americans "living in fear" the ways she describes as being the objective of a terrorist policy? I mean, isn't that exactly how the "terrorists" would want us to live? So afraid that we light our shadows up with AR-15's, and pass psychotic, UnAmerican legislation such as the patriot act an the NDAA? Just sayin...  What happened to building 7? 

  • mikesyyt

    Germany ! its me fatherland :p

  • regtracker

    The difference between the US and Europe is the fact that in the US they live in this " bubble of so-called security". If something happens in Europe, they clean it up, and carry on with life. In the US, it's a "panic stations, don't leave your house cause you are next" paranoid mentality. The world is a rough place, stop whining, grab a helmet and get in the game lol.

  • Hoppe Hoppe Reiter

    They should have raised Islamic flags instead, to create a much bigger reaction.

  • browngom

    thats my favorite excuse. "we're artists"

  • FlasKamel

    Wahaha, wat. Ana, what a party pooper. "Are you CRA-ZY right now?" is the worst response to a joke, ever.

  • Jay S

    In Vancouver, every few years engineering students somehow sling a car under the Lions Gate bridge during the night. No one freaks out... its just a flag, relax! 

  • TheArchevil

    Looked to me like either the US admitted defeat to their financial lords, or the financial lords put the flag there to show who the boss is.

  • b33lze6u6

    Let me spray paint a cock on the empire state building. Because art. Its art! Dont supress my art. You just dont understand my art. Art

  • Aquarian Sage

    Why is anyone surprised over this? In the US, Americans will sue grocery stores for slipping on a bit of water.

  • Scully

    Just racism everywhere, a white flag?! Why not a black or brown flag

  • B Tte



    Did no one notice they didn't mention how this was actually done, giving consideration to the fact NO ONE: NOT THE CIA NSA KGB MI6 FBI etc.. knows how this was done? Not a satellite photo, not one surveillance camera, not one WITNESS? This is in New York people are awake all day and night moving about. They just don't want you to know who actually did it or how it was done. Without a doubt it wasn't German Artists' if so ask for REAL video proof. This was one of the biggest events in American History. You would have to be a fool to not video tape or photograph your self actually doing this to some extent creating undeniable absolute proof with such an incredible feat no? Bypassing the actual security mechanisms literally in place ON THE BRIDGE ITSELF to prevent unauthorized entry in the state most likely to have a terrorist attack; let alone averting all of NYPD which is one of the most vigilant police forces in AMERICA seriously? Not a GOPRO? Not someone on the ground with a video camera? These Guys have had many people on the ground video taping there previous endeavors, why not this one? Not one person waking up with back pain and walking over to the window to stretch and get some fresh air incidentally spotting two people apparently playing spider-man scaling a bridge and decides to watch the outcome? NOTHING? LMAO 

  • MetalHeart8787

    they go back & forth with their support for America, First she says we were attacked on 9/11 THENshe mentions the news scare us into a justification for us going into war. UH? NO we are more at war because of other radical Islamic groups & if we Don't Help Defeat these extremists They will take over most of the Middle east & just do More terrorists Attacks Everywhere.  

  • Mahatma Kane Jeeves

     I thought it would've been a political statement on America "surrendering" for something. A white flag means surrender. It is kind of weird that they would use that at this time. Just strange.

  • chasemebaby

    REALLY? So if a bunch of american hipster artist went to another country and took down their flags from a world renowned bridge and replaced them with blank ones, no one there would freak out?? GTFO! Cenk ur losing me here. 

  • Jordan Pearce

    wow Anna looks beautiful.


    German = Dumb Nazi. In America, white flag represent surrender. God damn moron Nazi.

  • Adi Susanto

    Oh pleasee dont mke drama again jewish.

  • Hans Maulwurf

    A white flag is an act of terrorism? WTF... slowly walks away

  • quest 34470

    it is a security breach...if they can do it SO CAN A TERRORIST.

  • gary jones

    These peace lovers need to be locked away from decent society. Germans may be pacifist these days but on the bright side every spring they still have a genetic urge to point their tanks at Moscow.  

  • akalion2131

    Dang it Ana, y u so purrrdy?

  • regtracker

    They're on the list now lol.

  • Gaz Matic

    the relevant take away here is that all that nsa spying that was supposed to make you safer..... doesnt

  • Toni Coni

    Calm down Anna, I'm a new yorker and i thought it was pretty cool. cause fuck the police state.

  • x x

    3:50 Cenk is right about us in Europe right now. ;)

  • dave roy

    ya...maybe art isn't logic based....maybe it comes from the creative side of the brain? But, but....that's logical

  • Leigh Silver

    A it pin points a security breach B they did not have the public forms filled out to do it C They replaced the American Flag with a white Flag which is a flag of surrender "Raising the White flag"Cenk its not that they did art on the Bridge its that they didn't tell anyone in either local or federal authority that they were doing it on a land mark.When Cristo  in 2005 put up orange flags all over Central Park he got bloom bergs permission to do so

  • YugiKitten

    I get that the American flag represents America in many more ways than most flags represents their countriesBut Woooow is the board's overreaction ever funnyI get it, terrorism is a much bigger problem than in most of the world, but still that's quite the over-reaction for a white flag lol...As far as I know white means peaceAnd a blank flag makes me think of that "citizens of the world rather than citizens of a country"If it were a terrorist I would assume they'd use a black or dark coloured flag?Though of course terrorists don't exactly follow color-logics...

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